The most secure,
easy-to-install Smart Lock


Make your door a smart one
in less than 5 minutes

With TESA’s ENTR™, you may choose how to monitor the access to your home


With a smartphone


By remote


With a touch


With your


    Security, convenience and smart monitoring in 5 minutes

  • Improves your door’s security
  • You choose who comes in
  • Easy to install on existing doors (even armoured ones) without drilling, completely wireless
  • The door is automatically blocked every time you leave – in case you leave it open, you receive a warning signal
  • Open your door with a smartphone, a tablet or by remote control
  • It may also recognize your fingerprints
  • You may keep opening with a key if you wish
  • Battery-powered, very easy to recharge

Extremely easy to install

Remove the existing cylinder, insert the new ENTRTM and you will have a smart door. Now it will be opened without keys, will be automatically locked every time you leave, may be monitored from your smartphone and will recognize your fingerprints.

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Compatible with: Android 4.3 or higher and iOS 7.0 or higher

Extremely secure opening from your smartphone and tablet

An App available from iOS and Android will allow you to individually open your door by merely dragging your finger along the screen.

  • No evidence of monitoring from the outside.
  • Communication is always protected by the high-security coding algorithm AES-128.
  • Both the remote control and the smartphone may be deactivated in case of loss.
  • It is possible to enable or delete users from the smartphone.
  • Bolts/latches are automatically projected after each opening.
  • Open door warning – a beep is heard after 15 seconds.

Other ways of access

Remote control

The control remotely releases the door, both from the inside and the outside. The system allows up to 20 controls

Optional touch keypad

You may define up to 20 different codes

Optional fingerprint reader

With this biometric keypad you may define up to 20 users


Gadget 2015 Digital Home Award

Imagen Premio Gadget Hogar Digital 2015

Special Innovation Award 2015

TESA ENTR™ has been honored by ExpoCecofersa with the "1st Special Innovation Award 2015" in consideration of safety, technology and respect for the environment.

Imagen Premio Especial Innovación 2015 ExpoCecofersa

User Support

More technical information Here

User APP available from

app-store google-play

Compatible with: Android 4.3 or higher and iOS 7.0 or higher